Hill Farm – 10 fun things to do this October half term

So we can’t promise you nice weather for this half term but what you can be sure of over the next week is plenty of spooky, autumn fun!

That’s why we want to share some lovely ideas with you that will suit the whole family starting right now!

10 fun things to do this October half term

1. Attend a Halloween disco

Dress up and scare your teachers silly! What better way to start your holidays than challenging your Hill farm friends to a spooky dance off!

2. Go pumpkin picking

There are lots of beautiful places around Coventry where you can go and pick your very own pumpkin. Malt Kiln farm is near by and particularly good.

But Miss Lomax’s favourite place to ‘Pick’ pumpkins is actually Aldi! Just have a look at how cute these are for 69p!

3. Stomp in muddy puddles

Sorry Mum’s and Dad’s but this is too much fun and the weather is looking pretty perfect for this Peppa pig pastime!

4. Collect Autumn leaves

This time of year, you can’t hide from the huge number of leaves on the ground. The beautiful colours will make pretty decorations or artwork.

5. Go on an Autumn walk

Watch the trees changing colour, crunching through autumn leaves and hopefully a little bit of sunshine thrown in for you to!

6. Have a movie night

There are some really lovely family friendly Halloween films out there. Some of my favourites are

  • Casper the friendly ghost
  • The Addams Family
  • Coraline
  • Monsters Inc
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Harry Potter
  • Scooby Doo
  • Coco
  • Goosebumps
  • Monster House

7. Build a hot chocolate station

It’s getting colder and hot chocolate is a lovely way to keep warm. Better than heading out to your local coffee shop, it would be much cheaper to create your very own hot chocolate station.

All you need is some hot chocolate powder, nice cups and some marshmallows/sprinkles/chocolate flakes or basically anything that takes your fancy.

Sit back with a hot chocolate and relax.

8. Watch the sun set

In Autumn, the sky is almost magical. See how many beautiful colours you can count as the sun sets each day. Pretty views but also maths!

9. Carve Pumpkins

You’ve picked your pumpkin, now it is time to get carving! Don’t forget you’ll need lots of adult help with this one.

10. Read a book

Miss Lomax might have thrown this in because it is her favourite thing to do when its cold and wet outside.

But I know all of your teachers would love to hear about a special book you’ve read over half term.

If you need a recommendation, don’t forget to read all about your teachers favourite books here.

However you spend half term, make sure you stay safe and enjoy every moment with your families!!!

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